Antoine Waldo

Antoine is a certified personal trainer, boxing coach and functional strength coach in the Hamptons and NYC.

His training approach is based on functional movement patterns. His first objective is injury prevention, next is keeping the body healthy by increasing flexibility, mobility, and strength while correcting any asymmetries.

Antoine believes training programs should be design to elicit the optimum and adaptive response appropriate for the sport or activity being trained for. That means a strong focus on balance, stability, strength, agility, mobility, and speed. His goal is to help clientele achieve better overall health and performance.

Antoine Waldo instructs the following:
  • Fight Circuit
  • Come let it all go and lose yourself in this class. This HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class combines Boxing with Strength exercises to deliver a hard hitting class that will give you the components and movement patterns to train like a Pro! We don’t talk about what we do, we just do it. So come get strong, then let’s hit something and hit i‎t hard.

  • Boxing Techniques
  • Learn the Boxing Fundamentals in this class that teaches proper footwork, boxing stance, punching, and tactics. This high-paced total-body workout class is 60-mins and will get your heart rate up And it’s great for all levels. You will either learn the proper technique as a newbie or sharpen your skills if you’re a bit more advanced.