About Truth Training in East Hampton, NY

Truth Training is a strength based workout, programming and lifestyle series that involves a deep practice in foundational exercises.

Class Descriptions:

Truth: Our signature class, combines different training modalities (TRX, kettlebell, rowing, machines, med-ball) into a circuit or HIIT training session. These classes focus on strength endurance and conditioning.

Strength: This strength bases class is focused on basic but effective including but not limited to: squats, presses, pull-ups and kettlebell swings. Strength Club is programmed for 3 days a week for 6-12 weeks. Progressions and de-load weeks are included in all strength programs.

Women’s Strength: Holding all the principles of the Strength Class but for women only.

Ultra Conditioning: This class concentrates on the conditioning component of fitness. Expect rowing intervals, jump-rope, swings and more with intense intervals that will keep your heart rate elevated while executing perfect form on each modality. You will not press, squat or deadlift (weighted) in this class.

Limited Edition: This class is limited to only 12 people to enable a deeper focus on strength principles, exercise selection and programming. For a little extra money this class will feel more like a personal training session than group exercise! Sign up now space is very limited!
Unused Content:

Two New Truth Training Strength & Fitness Retreats!
Nosara, Costa Rica. 

December 3rd - 10th and March 25th - April 1st

Two New Strength & Fitness Retreats  are booked for place for December 3rd - 10th and March 25th - April 1st in Nosara, Costa Rica. We have booked a private luxury resort for both scheduled retreats.
There is a huge outdoor workout area, a massive outdoor dining area, the largest salt water pool on the beach with a swim up bar. The compound has a main residence and then three other cabinas. There are two outdoor showers and a separate structure for meditation or massages. The house is just steps away from one of the best surfing beaches in the world.
The retreats will consist of strength and fitness workouts, standup paddle boarding, mountain hikes and of course fun!

The last Nosara retreat was fantastic and we plan on making these next two even better.

The Retreat: A Strength and Fitness retreat focusing on kettlebells, TRX, functional fitness, yoga, paddling, running and active recovery

Included in price:
Seven nights accommodation at our beautiful private luxury resort
Meals included – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The workout Plan:

14 Truth Workouts      2 Boxing Workouts           2 Restorative Workouts

2 Yoga Classes            2 Mountain Hikes/Runs     2 SUP Sessions/Surf Session 

Let us know if you want to take part in one or both of these really fantastic strength, fitness and fun experiences.

We know Nosara! We have all the resources in place to make it all happen.
We have all the equipment, know the best surf spots, the best paddle spots, the best place for sunset, the best tacos and the best place for burger and beers.
Book a retreat with us and experience the very best of strength, fitness and the Pura Vida life style of Nosara, Costa Rica.

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